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TReGo… we like it!

We want physical separation

Physical separation of cyclists from traffic “crucial” to dropping injury rates, shows U.S. study

Bike Friendly Cities: Seville

The future is NOW

City of Bikes – Copenhagen

we have to admit: we are Copenhagen addicted

Green mobility: folding bikes

Some good tips to choose your right folding bike, read the article.

The Lie We Live

Eight minutes that’s worth watching!

Barcelona: Superilles shall gives streets back to residents

Barcelona’s new strategy will restrict traffic to a number of big roads,  reducing pollution and turning secondary streets into ‘citizen spaces’ for culture, leisure and the community. Read…

Ubco 2×2

“Two wheels, two motors, no gas, no noise. The Ubco 2×2 will redefine how you work and play outdoors.” …and we are sure, the future will be WITHOUT gasoline!…