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Change the streets to can change the world

“If you can change the street, you can change the world.“ I think every major of every city in the world should listen (and learn) form this speech….

Cars, Cars, Cars

Build bike paths, not highways!

Mark Martin at TEDxLSU

Nothing to add

electric is not the solution; bike infrastructures will be!

Infrastructures calls cyclists

Build infrastructures… cyclists will come!

TED Copenhagen – Mikael Colville-Andersen

The Good Life…

How to solve traffic jams

Good bike-politics from Portland

Bike lanes 2.0

Black Monday

Here is a good opportunity for italian commuters to make their voices heard. 5 march 2018 will be the #BLACKMONDAY

Time has come

Show this video to all your friend car-addicted… it’s time to change!!!